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abigail: the happy prophetess?

Antonio Molinari David y AbigailAbigail is familiar to most Christian women as the woman who saved her household and foolish husband from the wrath of the soon-to-be King David with her wisdom, discernment, and humility. We extol her many virtues and point to her as a model of a Christian woman and virtuous wife. I started studying Abigail because she is one of the happy few that the Scriptures call blessed (1 Samuel 25:33) and therefore a guidepost in our pursuit of happy.

But did you know that the Jews actually consider Abigail a prophetess?

The ancient rabbis grant her this distinction because they believe that she prophesied David’s sin with Bathsheba. I don’t completely follow their logic in that and I’m typically wired to resent the loose labeling of prophets, but as I meditated on the virtues of this blessed woman, there was something I just couldn’t shake.


jacob’s epic wrestling match

Jacob Wrestling with an Angel“O God, let us be a generation that seeks – that seeks Your face, O God of Jacob.”

Have you ever meditated on this familiar lyric fashioned from Psalm 24? The psalm describes a generation that seeks after the face of God and declares that the God of their salvation will grant blessing and righteousness to the man or woman who lives after that same manner of life.

I’m forcing myself to reserve the first four verses of the psalm for another day to focus this entry on the epic wrestling match of a man who refused to be satisfied with the “happy quo.” I’m also holding off on the first part of the chapter because I believe that a Jacob-esque pursuit of the face of God is the prerequisite to clean hands and a pure heart (among other things).