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those who sow with tears

Today, I stumbled upon a blog entry I wrote almost two years ago (October 19, 2010).  I wanted to share it here with you because it captures my heart at a time when one of the deepest revelations the Father was granting me was finding virtue and even joy in mourning. The subject touches the happy principle of “blessed are those who mourn,” but it goes further than the promise of comfort to say,

Those who sow with tears shall reap with shouts of joy – Psalm 126:5


ashley’s not-quite-so-epic wrestling match

ashley's not-quite-so-epic wrestling matchIn my last entry, I told you we were going to look at the last question Jacob asked of the Man he wrestled with until daybreak. I also warned you of the possibility of encountering your own wrestling match and exhorted you not to let go – under any circumstances!

So guess what happened to me earlier this week?

Exactly. And it was painful! Don’t let anyone kid you into thinking that this wrestling thing is all just figurative language – there is a real soul wrestling that will require something real of us if we are to hold on to the end and see the blessing that the Father would bestow.