the pursuit of happy

the when-happy-doesn't-cut-it blog for serious Christians

me in indiaWelcome, weary and presumably happy-seeking web surfer, to the pursuit of happy! My name is Ashley and I’ve launched this blog as part of my journey to escape the false notions of happiness and find the kind of saran-wrap-clingy happy that even the persecuted can’t seem to shake.

That’s kind of a big deal for me. As an INTP, most people tend to view me as a sort of gloomy, all-is-lost cerebral type and are probably quite shocked at the pink, confetti bubble things at the top of this page. Regardless! The reality is this: I’m a 20-something Millennial that has traveled to impoverished nations, spent four years serving the persecuted Church around the world, fed myself on teachings from people like Ravenhill, Art Katz, Andrew Murray and T. Austin-Sparks, and come away from it all convinced of a life, a faith, and a happy greater than I have yet to know. If you’re convinced of the same, I hope you’ll join me in my pursuit!

What is the pursuit of happy and why doesn’t happy cut it?

The pursuit of happy is about finding happiness wholly other than what the world or even the church is selling today. It’s happiness that is not dependent on wealth, reputation, emotional highs or spiritual experience, but on the Father alone. It’s happiness that is rightly called blessing because it frees men from the burden of self-exaltation by pointing them to true life in the cross of Messiah.

Don’t you know that happiness and blessing aren’t the same thing?

Yes. That’s kind of the point. Check out my introductory post for more of an in-depth explanation and some things to expect.

How can I participate in the journey?

Talk to me. Comment, ask questions, share your own stories of finding (real) blessing, and suggest topics for me to tackle in the blog!